15 Alternative Options to the No Excuses List: Update in 2022!

Using NoExcuseList, students have access to an array of resources to help them pursue their academic goals. This platform has revolutionized the way information is accessed, as well as the way people communicate and learn. There are over a thousand courses through which the consumer can study anything he wants for free.

Students and teachers can obtain free training from a wide variety of web tutorials and courses if NoExcuseList decides to establish a resource for this purpose. The learner can learn about a wide range of things, including Art, Computer Engineering, E-books, Languages, and many more.


  • Tutorials
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Customizable Reports

Similar to the No Excuse List

1. Academy Of Mine

The Academy of Mine itself is not concerned with expanding its business, but that also appreciates working with its clients to quickly resolve their issues. Customers can assist them to get started with their distance learning because it has a variety of features that set it apart from the rest. When it comes to Academy Of Mine, each client is unique since he is not yet another number, even if the foundation is the same as other clients.

2. Zopim

It’s a chat widget that allows anyone to offer products to visitors of their website. Zendesk Chat was known as Zopim The platform is simple to set up, so even non-technical users may view the chat widget after just a few seconds of signing up. The chat widget can be viewed by copying and pasting a single line of script into the HTML of the user’s website.

3. Zenler

As a result of Zenler’s concentration on delivering broad tool services for the development and management of high-end eLearning content, Zenler is an excellent choice. With the help of its studio, PowerPoint is transformed into an e-learning course creator. Training can be delivered, managed, and tracked with ease with Zenler. So long as the user is utilizing the platform to host his or her video course, the charge is quite inexpensive. Authoring a course…

4. Eliademy

Students and instructors can create, publish, and manage online courses, as well as track their progress, earn certificates of completion, and more with Eliademy, a free classroom-based network system developed in Finland. To democratize education through innovative digital technologies, this platform was created. An international team of educators, localization experts, and students hailing from more than 100 countries have made Eliademy’s educational program a household name.

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5. OpenLearning

Employers and educational institutions alike can use an Australian-developed software service called OpenLearning to facilitate social learning in the workplace, onboarding new employees, and other forms of workforce development. Virtualized learning sites, educational design skills, and a worldwide marketplace of major digital classes are all included in this package. Typical methods of education are also dealt with by OpenLearning, thus training is no longer a fee, the need for upskilling is always growing, learner expectations are moving, etc.

6. Skilljar

As an online learning platform, Skilljar is geared toward the onboarding and retention of customers. The user can successfully enroll, engage, and retain consumers with this online solution marketplace. Skilljar makes it simple to create training materials, distribute them over the web or mobile devices, and monitor their effectiveness. Different users are using this platform to train their clientele, contractors, channel members, and other members of the community in an efficient manner.. …

7. Zippy Courses

Zippy Courses is a drag-and-drop online course writing system designed to help a wide range of enterprises create and publish online courses. Women throughout the world can take self-paced courses on this online platform. Services like content authoring and online crash programs are available to customers in this industry. When it comes to creating courses, Zippy Courses allows customers to use an operational approach, so that they can do so swiftly and securely.

8. Teacher

A learning platform called Teachery provides a marketplace where teachers can create several courses and offer them for free or paid access. The user has the option to include media from a wide variety of sources, including video, images, audio, and PowerPoint presentations. The teacher is a course-style editor that allows customers to design their online courses exactly as they want them to look. As a result of its Stripe integration, the user will be able to easily sell his or her products

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9. Podia

Create and sell membership subscriptions, as well as online courses and other digital downloads, with the help of Podia. When it comes to connecting shopping carts or creating sales sites, it is capable of handling all of the technical issues involved. Books on tape, cheat sheets, PDFs, filetypes, video files, and eBooks can all be sold on the platform by users who have access to the platform. Just add your stuff and you’re ready to go!

10. BrainCert

As a cloud-native agile software development business with a passion for creating unique SaaS products that assist drive steady disruption, BrainCert was founded in 2013. Using the platform, a student can establish a secure, scalable, and cost-effective e-learning environment in the cloud without fear of sustainability, security posture, performance issues, or any other issues that may arise. Additionally, BrainCert comes with a wide range of educational resources…

11. Pathwright

For those who want to build an online school and sell online courses, Pathwright is a sort of service that offers everything the user needs to do so. The customer may get up and running with an online school with no time with this solution. Educators may easily construct paths to follow and guide others along the road because the IT world focuses on improved technology in the context of improving education. Pathwright…

12. Better Explained

For ninth grade, college, and beyond, Better Understood is a go-to resource for explanations of difficult concepts. It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent, a student, or an educator; these books can help you find those “aha!” moments when something finally clicks. Because it aims to cultivate deep and natural intuition, the Better Explained book deliberately avoids useless definitions.

No Excuse List

13. WizIQ

WizIQ is a cloud-based education marketplace that was established in 2007 and offers a variety of courses. Instructors from all around the world may now easily reach millions of students by using this platform, which has been adopted by tens of billions of educators. This virtual classroom technology, which enables amazon order of instructor-led learning, has even been praised by other education service providers. With WizIQ, service providers are given the tools they need to transform education through technology.

14. CourseCraft

Create e-courses to resell access to your students with the help of CourseCraft. Writing lessons, uploading videos and audio, and so on are all part of the course’s development with the help of this software application. Students who sign up for courses then use a front-end that displays the content of that course as well as the option to leave comments. Cloud-based network system CourseCraft

15. Lookmunk

Lookmunk serves as a solution service provider, helping students find the best educational website for their needs even though it might be difficult to navigate a large network of comparable sites. Because this service company has been in a similar circumstance, it is well-positioned to help the student avoid confusion while also saving time. You may locate great apps and books connected to your interests with the help of Lookmunk.


Students can find a variety of tools to assist them in achieving their academic objectives through the use of NoExcuseList. This platform has completely changed the way people interact and learn. T

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