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Chapter 939 of One Piece is thought to begin with Zoro defeating Kamazou in combat. It was revealed in Chapter 938 that Hiyori is Komurasaki, and the anime is now getting even more exciting! In the minds of anime fans, Hiyori is either a simple girl who needs the protection of powerful men or a merciless character who needs to be defended. Zoro may also fall head over heels in love with her, according to rumors.

One Piece Chapter 939 is the subject of this discussion. Luffy is expected to take on the Beast Pirates, according to rumors. In Hiptoro’s words, the Armament Haki is continually being improved upon. In the future chapter, he is expected to fight in the sumo ring.

We’ve already seen Luffy go all-out to overcome his foes, so we know he’ll do the same here. No one can beat Luffy, and Queen soon learns that. According to the One Piece Chapter 939 spoilers, Queen will prepare a new list of prisoners to take on Luffy, and the list includes the names of the “Heart Pirates.”

Guards are unable to see Kawamatsu and Raizo as they work together to get out of the prison. The arrival of Big Mom in my Prison in the upcoming Chapter will come as a shock to Queen.

One Piece Scan 939 Vf
One Piece Scan 939 Vf

On the other side, be ready for another Wano mystery to be solved, as Komurasaki revealed to Zoro that she is searching for her long-lost brother, Kozuki Momonosuke.

On April 15, Shonen Jump Magazine is set to publish One Piece Chapter 939. We expect the raw scans on April 12th.

Zoro and Kumorasaki (who is now revealed to be Princess Hiyori, Momonosuke’s sister) are shown at the beginning of the chapter.

Zoro calmed Momo’s fears that Zoro may turn against her following Momo’s death, which she had been informed of the contrary.

Hiyori also revealed to Zoro how she survived without her parents, brother, or family servants for 20 years. While Zoro recuperates from his injuries, they discussed how their planned uprising appears to have been thwarted, but ultimately decided to delegate the task to others while Zoro recuperates.

It’s a training exercise for Luffy, so he keeps going to prison with his execution match. He uses Observation Haki, his newly learned future sight, to aid Hyogoro in defeating his foe.

High-level Armament Haki continues to be attempted by Luffy even though he doesn’t touch his enemy.
After noticing this, Hyogoro inquires as to his whereabouts. A few minutes after Luffy reveals what he’s trying to perfect, Hyogoro goes on the offensive against one of Kiado’s gifters and knocks him out without even touching him, saying that if this is what Luffy is trying to learn, Hyogoro can help him learn how to do so.

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