14 Games Like Proud Father Latest (Update 2022)

Are you looking for Honey Select Party-like games? You may want to check out Proud Father, which features an attractive cast of Superheroes and fascinating gameplay that allows you to make your own decisions. It’s a mix of romance, drama, and a good time.

In addition, the game is divided into three days, with a different set of objectives to achieve each day to progress through the plot. Touch, Take a Cold shower, Crack a Joke, etc. are the first day’s objectives. To get started, you can choose the characters you want to play as, as well as who else you think should be included in the game.

In addition to the game’s main path, Harem has an aunt and father and a secret path. As you play, there are several different paths you can take. It’s possible to take control of a character who’s devoted to his roles as a brother, spouse, father, and uncle thanks to a well-written plot. He was left to raise his two girls alone after his wife passed away nearly four years prior. During the game, the plot takes dramatic turns that may leave you speechless. A collection of the best games like Proud Father is provided here for your convenience.


  • Choice-matter Gameplay
  • Beautiful Cast of Characters
  • Life Simulation
  • NPCs
  • Objectives to complete

Proud Father Alternatives

1. Maggot Baits

Clock created Maggot Baits, a single-player adventure game for Windows that combines elements of a visual novel and an adventure game. In a universe where demons and other deadly things dwell, a woman is a protagonist. To succeed, you must assume the character and put in the effort to live it. To elevate your gaming experience, it incorporates the best of Hardcore, Assault, and Ero-Guro genres. To move on, you must interact with NPCs.

2. Monster Girl Dreams

Text-based participation game elements are added to Monster Girl Dreams, which features visual novel gameplay. Each member in the ensemble has their own set of powers, storylines, and choices to make. When you play this game, you take on the character of a young man who has just graduated from either a school called Adventum. While on their way to becoming affluent, the character encounters a large number of monster girls on their home continent. Also, he intends to put an end to the Demon…

3. 3D Custom Lady Maker

The single-player video game is a wonderful mix of the visual novel, adventure, simulations, and facilitating elements. Because there is nothing to do in reality, nothing beats having a good time with AI. Over 80 bespoke characters with distinct abilities and numerous endings have been included in the game. As you play, you can choose the camera angle and illumination, as well as the beginning place. There are dozens of accessories to choose from, and your favorite one may end up staying…

4. Twists of My Life

Visual Novel, Print, and Choices-Matter gameplay elements are all present in Twits of My Life, just as they are in Waifu Academy. The single-player mode is supported only, and the game features a mix of Dating Simulation elements. Choose your favorite character and dive right into the action for a story with a slew of possible outcomes. The fate of the game is determined by the choices you have made throughout the play. In total, there are more than one hundred various ways to conclude the game, each with its animation sequences. It’s a…

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5. Euphoria

In Euphoria, Clockup has created a unique adventure, graphical novel, and single-player cartoon games console for PC. The plot centers on a character who finds himself cooped up in a house full of heroines. The hero is a little perplexed when he hears a mysterious voice confirm that all of the individuals in the story are his classmates. To complete a difficult quest, the player must select a heroine and follow a voice’s instructions. …

6. President Yukino

Playing a game that has elements of adventure, character, and solo play is a guarantee of superb entertainment for you! An ordinary existence is shown in the game, which puts the player in control of an ordinary woman. Yukino, the protagonist, has suddenly been plagued by misfortune. With that said, she is live with her cousin while putting in long hours at school. She routinely visits the library to buy novels to expand her knowledge. She was… one day.

7. Honey Select Party

Honey Select Party is one of the finest romantic videogames like Waifu University since it is known as one of the greatest anime games giving fun-filled gameplay and a stunning cast of cartoon characters. Honey Select Party is one of the best. To progress in the tale, you must engage in dialogue with NPCs. There are numerous characters, each with its plot and multiple possible outcomes. It’s all down to the choices you make along the way. …

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8. Waifu Academy

Waifu Academy is a great example of a game like this. It’s possible to find at least five goods that offer nearly identical gameplay and character kinds. Adventure, romance, visual novels, or single-player anime video games come together in Waifu Academy, making for a unique experience. The PC version of Waifu Academy was made available, however, it was never used. Third-person control of a handsome guy is available in the game.

9. Sisterly Lust

Perverteer Games’ Sisterly Lush is a single-player psychological horror game for many platforms. The female characters in the game are all gorgeous, and they’re all having a great time together on beaches and in other locations. After her father’s untimely death, the protagonist returns to her hometown. Your character’s new existence is filled with attractive women in the game, which you control. Your decisions have consequences in the game.

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10. Dreaming of Dana

It is a Dating Simulator that takes you to a series of parties where you meet new people and try to find your soulmate. Dreaming of Dana You can assume the role of a spoiled privileged kid in this game. Enjoy the finer things in life while also getting a kick out of seeing your character’s hopes and aspirations dashed. After starting a new career and becoming engaged, the protagonist begins to neglect her sister. The game has a lot of…

11. Honey Magazine – Free Otome Dating Sim

Otome Dating Sim: Hone Publication – Free Otome Marriage Sim introduces a stunning array of characters. Each individual has a personality and story to tell. Get into the action by picking your favorite character and interacting with others in the game’s interactive love stories, which may leave you in control of your destiny. A few more chapters are introduced, each of which contains a unique episode. It’s a…

12. Cherry Tree High Comedy Club

Developed by 773 and Capcom, Cherry Tree High Late Show is an adventure mono video game. Like Middle of summer Saga, the game provides the player in the shoes of a third-year high school student who has joined the Fantastical Peach Tree High Club. The main character is a little girl who longs to see the world in a state of contentment. There is a time restriction in which the protagonist must join the other 3 students; if she does not, she will be removed…

Proud Father Game

13. Snow Daze: The Music of Winter

Outbreak Games produced Snow State of confusion: The Music of Winter, an Anime and Specific video game. When you’re stuck in a house, there’s no choice but to have fun with your friends. Jason, on the other hand, has to use her musical prowess to draw the attention of others. Audio recordings are played through the vents of an attic chamber to attract others during gameplay. Because every decision counts, you must pay attention to everyone. There is a slew of…

14. Summertime Saga

We provide a wide selection of adult-oriented dating simulation games. We have collected a list of other games similar to Summertime Saga, which is essentially a dating sim game, so you’re in the correct place. Summertime Saga is currently in development, however, it will be published to the public shortly. You can now play an unfinished version of the game to see what the experience will be like once it is released. The story begins in a tiny village, where a new college grad is a protagonist.


Please tell me if you’re looking for games like Honey Select Party. Please check out Happy Father, which has an appealing cast featuring Superheroes as well as unique gameplay that lets you choose your own choices. Drama, romance, and a great time are all present here.

It’s time to wrap things up… Keep an eye on readersgazette.com for any additional information.

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