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Rush Royale’s Greatest Co-op Decks, Plus Additional Information!

Rush Royale Best Decks

Rush Royale’s competitive and multiplayer action has made it a popular game for gamers of all ages. It generates a great number of decks, making it difficult for individuals who are new to the game to select one. The decks featured in this book are some of the most powerful in their respective categories, along with a detailed usage guide.

Best Co-op Decks

The following are the greatest co-op rush royale decks that you can employ, and these decks are broken down into early, mid, and late game sections, along with instructions on how to utilize them.

Early Game

Your primary objective should be to improve the economy while also ensuring that you live to the end of the game. In Rush Royale, cauldrons are referred to be the “economy Gods” and should be piled high on your deck to achieve this goal. You don’t need to spend time and money merging cauldrons if you have tier 1 cauldrons. A bombardier is your finest option for crowd control, but you should only have two bombardiers on the board at any given time.

Because it can inflict so much acceptable damage, Bombardier is one of the finest cards in the game. Keep your free chemists in your arsenal for later in the game, and don’t waste them at this point in the game. With zealots, merge them if your companion is adept at handling waves. In that manner, as Bombardier manages numerous waves by splitting them in half, your economy will grow. For rush royale ascension, try merging the Cauldron after wave nine, as low-level cauldrons can complicate things.

Upgrade the Cauldron to max level before wave 10 to get the most mana out of the Bombardier and help your partner deal with the wave. Other heroes should be used instead of a cauldron to level the board. Make sure that you have at least six cauldrons on the board before upgrading the Cauldron to the maximum level. Assuming you’ve already maxed out Cauldron, Bombardier, Chemist, and Zealot with Tamer on board, you should proceed to max up the following heroes: Cauldron (if not already maxed), Bombardier, and Chemist.

After Chemist, Zealot is the most important character to upgrade because it can deliver enormous damage at its maximum level, resulting in the death of waves of adversaries before they have a chance to fight back. Your damage output will increase as a result, as will your payout from each wave. When you’re a chemist, you’re able to help your colleague while also clearing your wave. By the time you reach Medusa, all of your units should be at their highest level.

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Mid Game

It’s a simple trek to Bedlam, except for the 25th wave, which may be easily avoided by combining Zealots and Cauldrons to deliver more damage to your foes. As long as you make it to wave 29, there’s nothing else you need to accomplish. Focus on upgrading all of the cauldrons to tier three after the level 25 wave, and then filling in the remaining places on the board with tier two and three zealots. Merging Tier 2 Zealots is not worth the risk because they can still provide enough damage at their current level.

One tier two bomber and chemist may be added to the board, however, a higher tier version of these heroes is acceptable. With this method, you’ll be able to get rid of Bedlam before he has a chance to harm any of your units. Try to add as many high-tier zealots as possible on the board because they can swiftly kill anyone with their powerful damage-dealing abilities.

Late Game

There is no need to do anything if you have successfully defeated Bedlam and reached this point without any damage to the units on your board. For the next five waves, you need to replace all of your board’s damaged components with new ones.

Combine tier 2 zealots to make room for cauldrons on the board, which you already have from the previous wave. You can also choose not to replace zealots with cauldrons, but only if you know what you’re getting yourself into. You should just be concerned with the warlock at this point, and you should have some tier-3 zealots ready to deal with him.

Warlock is a tough fight no matter what heroes you have on your board, so try to prepare your board before you get there. A warlock can be defeated if all goes according to plan but you need also be prepared for the worst. Unless you have a strong partner or an arsenal full of crowd control and damage support troops, you don’t have to do anything after beating the warlock.

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Avoid putting too many zealots on the board because things can go awry rapidly and you won’t be able to fix them in time. You’re free to sit back and relax until you have to appear before a tribunal from this point on. A few board tweaks are possible after beating the tribunal, but you should only attempt this if you can do so swiftly.

Cauldron – Best Economy Unit

The economy in Rush Royale is a primary priority for many players, and Cauldron is a god-tier unit in this regard. In the real world, those who have used it have no desire to swap it for any other economy card on the table. In co-op game mode, Cauldron can increase your mana stores by over 20,000. With zealots, you need more mana to inflict more damage.

Bombardier – Best Crow Control Unit

The most sought-after Coop unit is Bombardier, which will support you at all moments during the game. Despite its status as a crowd control unit, it can deal some damage early on. As a result, you’ll get off to a fantastic start before gaining access to some of the game’s most powerful units. Bombardier’s finest abilities are his total boss and wave management and damage.

An enemy or boss can be stunned, allowing your allies to do the most damage, and they cannot avoid it. There’s no limit to how many times you can reapply your stun, but each time you do, the duration decreases. Once the first unit in a wave is stunning, Bombardier will move on to the next unit in the wave.

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With Bombardier, you’ll be able to stop Bedlam before he has a chance to harm any of your troops. As long as you only have one Bombardier on your squad, the other members can fill that empty slot with another hero. A wave of adversaries can be stunned before they have a chance to act in some instances.

Zealot – Best Damage Dealing Unit

However, you will need an enormous amount of energy to use Zealot effectively because its damage-dealing powers are closely linked to the amount of energy you have. Zealot benefits from both increased mana production and attack speed, so focus on both. You don’t need a lot of these stats to quickly level up a zealot to a high level.

Depending on the current critical damage %, it can inflict 15,000 to 20,000 damage points to foes, and it can deal 30,000 damage points with chemist units. As many high-tier zealots as possible should be added to the board to generate monster and boss waves, respectively.

Rush Royale Best Decks

Chemist – Best Damage Support Unit

Damage support troops, like the chemist, are primarily responsible for assisting other units on the board in dealing damage to adversaries. A top-tier chemist can increase the damage to other troops by more than 40%. Because there is no need to waste space, only one chemist should be added.

One chemist is sufficient in a cooperative team because it debuffs all units in the same way that two chemists do. However, if you need to conclude combat quickly, you can use two chemists to quickly kill waves and bosses.

Harlequin – Best Board Management Unit

Getting your hands on Harlequin, a legendary tier deck and the greatest rush royale co-op deck with potent abilities to get the job done is no easy task. It’s the finest option for locking your board and surviving the last battle against endless waves of opponents.

With its competitive and cooperative gameplay, Rush Royale is a hit with players of all ages. Inexperienced players have a hard time choosing from the several decks that are generated. This book contains some of the most potent decks in their respective categories, as well as a comprehensive guide on their use…

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