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Shirine Boutella was born on August 22nd, 1990 in Algiers, Algeria. As Sofia Belkacem in the French thriller series Lupin, she is equally well-known. As a YouTube star, she’s well-known. Sofia Boutella is one of her distant cousins.

Boutella has also been a YouTube and Instagram influencer since 2015, where she has amassed a large following. She is also a YouTube and Instagram influencer. The TV series “Quoprisen” in which she starred was broadcast in 2016.

Who is Shirine Boutella?

Lupin is a crime thriller series. As far back as 2015, Shirine has been in front of the camera. As a result of her success in establishing a presence on YouTube and other social media platforms. Her Instagram has over 2 million followers and her Youtube channel has over 500,000 subscribers. Shirine Boutella has been cast in one of Netflix’s most popular series, so let’s take a look at some facts you may not have known about her.

Shirine Boutella Early Life :

In the year 2022, Shirine will be 31 years old. Algiers [El Djazar] is where she was born on August 22, 1990. Every August 22, she celebrates her birthday. A Leo, her zodiac sign. At the time of this writing, she is residing in Paris.

Sofia Belkacem, the character she played in the French crime drama Lupin, is one of her most well-known portrayals. She’s a popular YouTube star. Sofia Boutella is a distant relative of hers, according to the film’s director. With her YouTube and Instagram accounts since 2015, Boutella has become an internet sensation.

She has also worked as an influencer on YouTube and Instagram. In 2016, she appeared on television in the show “Quoprisen.”

Shirine Boutella Wiki :

Name: Shrine Boutella
Gender: Female
Profession: Actress
Ethnicity: African
Religion: Not known
Nationality: Algerian
Age: 31 years
Zodiac sign: Leo
Date of Birth: 22 August 1990
Body Measurements: 34-24-34 inches
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Weight: 55 kgs
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Blonde
Hobbies: Singing, traveling,
Favorite food: Spanish
Favorite Destination: Lisbon, Ontario
Favorite Colour: White

Shirine Boutella Family :

Boutella was born and raised by her parents in Algiers. She is a distant cousin of Sofia Boutella. Nothing much is known about her family and personal relationship. According to the sources she has adopted a dog that she loves so much.

Shirine Boutella Education :

As of 2022, Shirine will be 31 years old. Algiers [El Djazar] was her birthplace, where she was born on August 22, 1990. Since her birthday is August 22 every year, she has a birthday party every August 22. It’s Leo time for her! At the moment, she’s residing in the French capital of Paris. Known for her role as Sofia Belkacem in the French crime drama Lupin, she has garnered a considerable amount of attention.

As a YouTube star, she is a household name. A relative of hers, Sofia Boutella, has appeared in several films. She has also been active on YouTube and Instagram as an influencer since the beginning of 2015. She has also worked as an Instagram and YouTube influencer. in the 2016 television series “Quoprisen”

Shirine Boutella Relationship status :

For many fans, sadly, the Netflix star is not single. She is also not dating anyone. However, the actress is married. Unfortunately, the Netflix actress hasn’t revealed who her husband is. But we do know that the YouTuber secretly got married in 2019. Her husband is outside of the entertainment industry and likes to remain outside the limelight.

Shirine Boutella on social media :

Shirine Boutella was active on social media before breaking into the mainstream. Initially, she made her name as a YouTube star. Aside from that, her topics, which almost certainly travel and fashion design, are a lot of fun and well-liked.

Her youtube channel has 500,000 subscribers as of right now. Shirine, on the other hand, was able to maintain her following on the photo-sharing app Instagram. Instagram user @shirineboutella has 2.5 million fans. Similarly, her Twitter account has amassed a following of 5K people.

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Shirine Boutella Career :

As a YouTuber, Boutella began her career. Known as “Shirine Boutella,” she is a well-known Youtuber who posts a wide range of entertaining videos on her channel. Her Instagram has over 2 million followers and her Youtube channel has over 500,000 subscribers.
Our next fact for 2019 comes from this. Mounia Meddour offers her the lead part in the film Papich.

Lyna Khouri’s heroine’s best friend, Wassila, is played by her. As the winner of the César for best film in 2020, the film elevates Shirine Boutella’s profile as an aspiring actor ready to embark on a professional career.

Shirine Boutella
Shirine Boutella

Shirine Boutella Work Life :

Lupine, a Netflix series that premiered in 2021, made the young actress a household name throughout the world. Lieutenant Sofia Belkacem, played by her, is on a mission to apprehend Omar Sy’s burglary suspect Assane Diop.

Shirine Boutella appeared in the second season of Validé, which was broadcast on Canal +, and in the second season of Particular Mention, which was televised on TF1.
Michal Youn and Romane Jolly both wore her in the Fugueuse series, an adaptation of a Quebec soap drama. The actress is also set to return to theatres in Stéphane Foenkinos and David’s next feature, Fantasmes.

Shirine Boutella Net worth :

Between $1 million and $5 million, Shirine Boutella’s net worth is estimated. Boutella’s acting career and youtube channel have helped her earn this much money. The Netflix star is also speculated to do brand endorsements and receive sponsorships. In the 2016 television series Quoprisen, the 31-year-old actress made her acting debut. Since then the actress has starred in many shows like Papich.

Facts about Shirine Boutella :

Shirine Boutella is a multi-talented celebrity who is bestowed with remarkable skills as she is good at making material for her YouTube channel.
She is an actress, Vlogger, and social media influencer who has a significant fan following.
Shirine Boutella is a multi-lingual star who can speak multiple languages fluently.

she is a native Algerian, therefore, she can talk well. Also, she can speak Arabic, German, and French as well.

There are tons of individuals out there who simply eat out of need, but Shirine isn’t one of those people.

She likes cooking and considers it another method for her to exhibit her creativity and talent.

She adores cooking and regularly shares her favorite recipes with her followers on social media.

Those who have known Shirine for a while undoubtedly felt like it was only a matter of time before she found her way in front of the camera.

Although we don’t know much about her early life, we do know that she attended the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris where she received a degree in cinema.

The actress adopted a female dog in December and invites people to assist support groups that promote the welfare of these fuzzy animals.

The Algerian actress is highly competent and professionally educated. She is a beauty with a brain who studied in France.

The actress subsequently built her vast career by working as an actress and a YouTube celebrity.

She is a tattoo lover. She inscribed different tattoos on her body.

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