Sutton Stracke Net Worth 2022: Early Life, Career, Family & Relationship!

“Sutton Stracke” is a well-known businesswoman and social media influencer from the city of Augusta, Georgia. She was born on September 20, 1971, and is now 49 years old. As a cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10, she is well-known in the country.

According to IMDB, she has also appeared on numerous reality television shows, including Access Hollywood, Celebrity Page, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and more. Sutton is a successful businesswoman in addition to her status as a reality TV star. She established the ‘Sutton’ label as her own.

 Sutton Stracke Early Life

Sutton Thurman was born on September 17th, 1970 in Los Angeles, California. For the time being, there is no record of his parents’ names. In Augusta, Georgia, Sutton, and her siblings were born and bred.

In Augusta, Georgia, she graduated from Davidson Fine Arts High School. Her ex-husband, Christian Stracke, and the father of her three children also met there. After 16 years of marriage, they decided to separate in 2016. Michael Mahoney is the man she is currently seeing.

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 Sutton Stracke Career

At the age of 20, Sutton began her professional dance career as a ballerina. She went on to become the executive director of the Augusta Ballet and the director of the Cunningham Dance Foundation. Starcke has long aspired to the heights of artistic achievement. Aside from MOCA Gala 1n 2015, she attended several art-related events in New York and Los Angeles this year.

Sutton is a fashion fanatic and has a good eye for expensive and fine attire. As a result, she’s decided to put money into the fashion industry. Sutton is the name of her boutique in West Hollywood. Celebrities frequently shop at this store, which carries a wide range of home decor items as well as clothing.

Lisa Vanderpump stepped down as a cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Starcke took her place. With Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama, she has been named one of the best party hosts in the United States.

Sutton’s collection of Augusta-based art includes expensive pieces by a wide range of artists. Designer handbags, expensive shoes, and a slew of Dolce & Gabbana tiaras line her shelves. She’s a sucker for designer names like Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Gucci.

Sutton Stracke’s Net Worth

As of April 2022, it is estimated that Sutton will have a fortune of $2 million. She earned a living as a television personality and a professional dancer. In addition, she has made money in the fashion industry. With a Beverly Hills home, an Augusta estate, and an apartment in New York City, Starcke enjoys a very lavish lifestyle.

After the divorce, Sutton also received a large sum of money from her ex-husband. PIMCO, a global fixed-income fund manager, employs Christian as its global head of credit research. PIMCO pays Christian well for his work.

Sutton Stracke Net Worth

Sutton Stracke’s Father, Mother (Family & Ethnicity)

The attractive businesswoman is of Caucasian descent. She adheres to the teachings of Christianity. He was born in Virgo, the zodiac sign of Virgo. Sutton is a member of a well-established family in Augusta, Georgia when it comes to her family history.

She does not, however, give the media the names of any of her family members. In addition, Sutton’s social media accounts are littered with photos of her and her parents.

According to the sources, her father is a professional sculptor and painter, whose name has not been released. She also posted a picture of herself and her father from a few years ago, with the caption:-

Her mother, on the other hand, is a stay-at-home mother. We discovered she has two brothers when we took a look at her Instagram profile.

Sutton Stracke’s Husband, Boyfriend & Personal Life

Christian Stracke’s ex-wife, Sutton Stracke, is a household name in the United States. The fact that Christian is a businessman is not lost on me. They’ve known each other since high school, according to the sources.

Both of them attended Davidson Fine Arts High School, where they both graduated. Sutton married Christian Stracke on May 13, 2000, after dating for some time. Sutton and Christian Stracke, according to reliable sources, split up in September of last year.

However, she makes no mention of their breakup. In 2017, the divorce was finalized and the couple was no longer living together. ‘Michael Mahoney’ is the name of Sutton Stracke’s current boyfriend, according to media reports. Michael is a well-known real estate agent, as I can attest.

Children (Son / Daughter)

Sutton Stracke is the proud mother of three children, two sons, and a daughter when discussing her family.

Philip Stracke and James Stracke are her sons. Porter Stracke, her only child, has a special place in her heart. She frequently posts photos of herself and her children on social media.

7 Facts You Need to Know Sutton Stracke

  • Sutton Stracke has also worked on the Board of Trustees for the American Ballet Theater.
  • She has also featured in various exhibitions along with curator Karyn Lovegrove.
  • Stracke has also joined the Founders Committee of the CFDA Trust.
  • RHOBH’s cast member also works as a designer and event planner.
  • There are more than 224K followers and 2.5K posts on her Instagram account (as of August 2021).
  • Being a pet lover, she has two pet cats and one dog in her home.
  • Sutton has also collaborated with many celebrities.

FAQ of Sutton Stracke

Q. 1 Who is Sutton Stracke?

Ans. She is an American businesswoman and reality TV star.

Q. 2 How old is Sutton Stracke?

Ans. Sutton is 49 years old (as of 2020).

Q. 3 Who is Sutton Stracke’s Ex-Huband?

Ans. Christian Stracke (2000-2017).

Q.4 How many children does Sutton Stracke have? 

Ans. She has three kids one daughter (Porter Stracke) and two sons (Philip Stracke and James Stracke).


Sutton Thurman was born on September 17th, 1970 in Los Angeles, California. For the time being, there is no record of his parents’ names. In Augusta, Georgia, Sutton, and her siblings were born and bred. Stay tuned to our readersgazette for the latest information.

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