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Taylor Swift Heardle Games: How To Play Taylordle & Swiftle!

Taylor Heardle

Taylor Heardle

We’ve heard of BTS Heardle, which is designed specifically for ARMYs, and Heardle, the Wordle spinoff that lets users guess songs. But there are also a few wordle-style games you can play if you’re a Swiftie (a.k.a. Taylor Swift fan)! Here is everything you need to know about Swiftly and Taylordle.

What is Taylordle?

What is Swift?

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That pretty much covers everything you need to know about the Wordle games Taylordle & Swiftle featuring Taylor Swift. Make sure to bookmark the websites so you can play them every day. If you’re a Wordle enthusiast, we have a comprehensive collection of historical answers since the app first gained popularity as well as instructions on how to access older Wordles via the archive.

Additionally, these tools will make it easier for you to answer everyday riddles. Additionally, be sure to check out our dedicated Wordle area on Gamer Tweak for anything else.

Stray Binary Safe Code: How To Open (Mysterious Password)

In Stray, you play as a cat who eventually resolves several riddles. During your quest, you will come upon a binary safe that needs a safe code to open it (near some trash). You may find the password to use and the location of the clue here.

The password or safe code for Stray Binary is 1283. You will need this on your journey to collect every music sheet and to hear the musician play a lovely song.

How to Open the Binary Safe (Clue)

While you can open the safe by directly entering the code indicated above, if you’d rather genuinely live like a stray cat, click here to find the code’s actual clue.

We’ve heard of Wordle’s Wordle spinoff, Heardle, which enables users to guess songs, as well as BTS Heardle, which is created particularly for ARMYs. But if you’re a Swiftie (a.k.a. Taylor Swift fan), you can also play a few wordle-style games! Here is all the information you require about Swiftle and Taylordle…

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