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Developer David Tschacher created as a free single-player, community, and strategy game for Android, iOS, and the web. It is possible to conquer land and choose to become a nation of any username in this game. Only by linking voids in the landscape, engaging in war, and exploring new territories can you expand your domain.

All of’s maps are available in a wide range of geographies and situations. Choose a position and compete against other players in a co-op game. Concentrate your efforts on a large tract of land since it will help you achieve more equilibrium.


  • Free Single-player and Multiplayer
  • Strategy game
  • Conquest territory
  • Play 500 players at the same time
  • Variety of maps
  • Play with friends
  • Emotions and emojis

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1. Age of Conquest IV

Noble Master Games has produced Age of Conquest IV, a free 2D Single-player, Cooperative, Indie, and Turn-based big Strategy battle game. It may be used on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and the Classic Mac OS. Taking control of an army, eradicating your enemies, and conquering the entire world are all possible outcomes in this fantastic strategy game. Conquer the Roman Empire, Asia, Japan, the Incas, China, and France, to name a few of the empires you’ll face. You can also…

2. Asia Empire

iGindis Games’ Asia Dynasty is a free Turned-based strategy game. Select one of more than 50 countries, take control of your country’s leadership and implement tactics to defeat your opponent country. Create a vast empire by engaging in diplomacy, war, and the application of economic and military might. You may supply weaponry to Russia, China, the European Union, and the United States. A single device can host up to eight participants, all of whom can converse with each other via text message. …

Top 10 similar Websites Like [Updates 2022]

3. Age of Colonization: Economic strategy

Developed by Oxiwyle, Age of Colonization: Economical Strategy is a free strategy game. Players from all across the world enjoy this geopolitical strategy game. Decide to lead one of Europe’s major nations and be ready for battle against the Roman Empire, France, and England, the aggressive uncivilized hordes. Build an army, conduct espionage operations, invade other countries and seize their resources, and protect your country from invasion. Moreover, signing peace treaties and selling weapons is both…

4. Supremacy 1914 – WW1 Strategy

Supremacy during World War I Bytro Labs has developed Strategy, a free Genuine Strategy game. Maintain your army, weaponry, rare commodities, and other things in any country you choose. Trade well and wage war on your competitors. Create a nation and use it to take on the rest of the globe. Play against more than 500 real-life opponents per map in real-time multiplayer. Have fun with real-world vehicle movement and distances, a wide variety of devastating weaponry, numerous maps, and historical context.

Top 10 similar Websites Like [Updates 2022]

5. World Empire

iGindis Games’ World Empire is a free turn-based strategy war game for single players, multiplayer, and the Internet at large. To begin, pick your preferred nation, its flag, & your political philosophy. Take over the armed forces of countries that border yours. The country may revolt and switch allegiance to a different player if you fail to keep a small number of captive forces under control. You will be nominated by parliament and then lead your country; you have unrestricted authority, the ability to rebuild things, and the ability to expand your empire.

6. War: Battle & Conquest

Online, Multiplayer, Strategy-based game War: Battle & Conquest is developed by Buldogo Games. To conquer the world, follow the orders of a General, mobilize your forces, launch an attack on your adversaries, and employ all of your available military options. Fans of Risks, Axis, Strains contain, and Allies will like this mashup of famous board games. As a General, you’re always tasked with strategizing, planning, attacking, defending, and Unlocking new weapons. Become a four-star player and gain access to…

Top 10 similar Websites Like [Updates 2022]

7. Europe Empire

Developed by iGindis Games, Europe Empire is a turn-based strategy game for Android. To develop an empire, lead your chosen country and spend your time carefully on the appropriate strategies and tactics. US President has opted to focus on domestic matters after promising that troops will no more be dispatched to foreign wars, and he begins the worldwide withdrawal of his army in this game. Make every effort, from diplomacy to conflict,…

8. Antiyoy

Antiyoy is a free Android and iOS Turned-based strategy game developed by Yiotro and available for download. You’ll be able to explore a variety of civilizations and features in this game, which includes a variety of hard stages and features. Before you can wipe out an opposing civilization, you must first optimize your own. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is critical if you want to see your earnings rise above your expenses. You can use the land you own to its fullest potential by building farms.

9. Rival Regions: world strategy of war and politics

Mobile game Rival Regions: World Management of War and Politics developed by Rival Regions Games is a free strategy game for mobile devices. A political party can be formed, and you can win seats in parliament just like in real life. Create a state on the global map with the help of your friends and expand the state’s borders to improve its economic might. Succeed in a war of law and independence against your adversaries. You…

10. RISK: Global Domination

One of SMG Studio’s free online games, RISK: International Domination is a multiplayer board war game and a strategic one. Windows, Linux, and Macintosh are all supported platforms. Two to six people can participate in the game of politics, conflict, and victory. It provides you with a map of five continents and 42 regions of political importance. The goal is to conquer all of the other players’ territories using your army’s tactics. Make a stand…

Almost any location or situation can be represented on a map with In a co-op game, you will choose a position as well as compete against other players. It is best to focus your energies on a large area of land because that will help you reach more harmony…

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