The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 2 Release Date Status, Cast And More Details!

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 2: In May of 2022, Netflix added The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem to its roster of original programming. A second season has been ordered for the show, which means that it will return for new episodes in July. Listed below are the details you need. There are at least nine countries where the series’ first ten episodes are currently being shown.

In addition to these countries, there are Israel and the United States. The second season of The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem is eagerly anticipated by some viewers. As a result, we’ll dig deeper into what we already know about the show to learn more. Since May 20, the show has only made it into the Netflix Top 10 in Israel and Poland.

Sarit Yishai Levy’s best-selling book serves as the basis for the new drama. A family of Jerusalem natives, the Armozas, lived in Jerusalem before the state was formed, and their story is told in the book’s narrative. The show debuted on Israel’s YES channel on June 6, 2021, and ran until October 27, 2021, with a break in the middle of the summer and the fall. So, without further ado, here is everything we know about The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem’s upcoming second season.

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 2 Release Date

First, Yes Studios has confirmed that the show will be returning for a second season. For the second season of ‘The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem,’ EAST Tel Aviv has been announced as the venue. Neither YES Drama nor Netflix have announced plans for a second season of The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem.

The series is expected to return by the end of 2022, according to some Israeli media. In June of 2022, according to a source quoted in Variety, production on the second season will begin. We expect the show to premiere a little earlier than season 1, but we don’t expect it to be available on Netflix until at least 2023, given these circumstances.

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 2 Trailer

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 2 Cast

The show’s main casts and characters are made up of the following:

  • Swell Ariel Or portrays the role of Luna Armoza
  • Michael Aloni portrays the role of Gabriel Armoza
  • Hila Saada portrays the role of Rosa Armoza
  • Irit Kaplan portrays the role of Mercada Armoza
  • Mali Levi portrays the role of Victoria Franco
  • Tom Hagi portrays the role of Efraim Siton
  • Eli Steen portrays the role of Raquel Armoza
  • Israel Ogalbo portrays the role of David Franco
  • Yuval Scharf portrays the role of Rochel
  • Tamir Ginsburg portrays the role of Itamar Ben Moshe
  • Itzik Cohen portrays the role of Avraham
  • Luna Mansour portrays the role of Aisha
  • Hisham Sulliman portrays the role of Kahlil
The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 2
The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 2

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 1 Recap

When you watch this series, you learn about the Armoza family and how their story ties into the history of Palestine from Ottoman rule through the British Mandate of Palestine and on to the present day’s era of despair and war. Rosa (Hila Saada) and Gavriel Armoza’s three daughters (Rivka, Rachel, and their beloved eldest Luna, played by Swell Ariel Or) are at the center of the series’ plot, which is told in two timelines that alternate between the present and the past.

When compared to his feelings for his wife, Gabriel’s affection for Luna is a complete 180 degrees. Families are torn apart by Rosa’s bitterness toward her daughter.

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The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem TV Series Based On A Book?

Yes decided to turn “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem,” a novel that sold more than 300,000 copies, into a daily drama. Shlomo Mashiach and Esther Namdar Tamam wrote the screenplays, and director Oded Davidoff and Artza Production produced the show. To begin filming in Safed, the Frenkel Frenel Museum and Beit Castel Museum will be used, among other locations, in the summer of 2020.

The Daily TV series was based on the plot of the novel. Ladino-Sephardic women who marry into the Jerusalem Arrmozas clan are cursed to find their husbands unappreciative of them, which is the subject of a television series. Three generations of the same family are depicted in the story, which begins before the state was established and ends in the 1970s. The Israelite dialect of Ladino is used as a primary mode of communication.

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 2 Watchers List

The recent craze among binge-watchers has been watching series, particularly with the lockdown that has been in effect since 2020. They don’t just stick to one region or genre; exploring different directions in a series has also recently become the norm. One of these series that many of these binge-watchers have been meaning to watch is The Beauty Queen Of Jerusalem Season 2.

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 2 Highlights

The second season of The Beauty Queen Of Jerusalem, which features Michael Aloni and Itzik Cohen, is available on Netflix. As you can see from the cast list, there are a variety of interesting characters to meet as you watch the film with loved ones. The movie’s release date, cast, and trailer are all listed above. Many of these Binge watchers have had The Beauty Queen Of Jerusalem Season 2 on their to-watch list for a while now.


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Where To Watch The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 2

In addition to English and Arabic, Netflix offers a variety of languages in which to watch the Israeli-set show. Spanish-speaking Jews with Sephardic roots live in Jerusalem in the first and second seasons of The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem, a historical drama with a strong focus on family dynamics. Netflix has the English-language version of the series.

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem’s first season’s first ten episodes is now available online. You’ll be able to watch the next ten episodes starting in late July. People say the first season of The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem was the most expensive and difficult Israeli TV show ever produced.

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