The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 17: has not be confirmed!

The Walking Dead’s fans are Anxious to see what’s in store for us in Season 11 Episode 17. Eight episodes of Season 11 remain after the mid-season finale aired in April. As fans, we’re not ready to confront this reality, but we must. It would also be helpful to know when the end is near.

AMC and The Walking Dead will announce the debut date of the series’ final eight episodes at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), which runs July 21-24. This will be the final appearance of the flagship series and the first in-person event since 2019. AMC and TWD, two global media giants, are banking on high attendance and intend to utilise the occasion to make a significant announcement.

As is customary, the San Diego Comic-Con International (SDCC) will host the premiere of the Season 11 Part 3 teaser. The Walking Dead: Tales of the Living Dead, which will be released in August, has received little attention. The SDCC and the attention given to any announcements by AMC are thought to be keeping the network afloat.

The Walking Dead season 11, episode 17

October is dubbed “Walking Dead Month” since it has traditionally been the month in which the show’s first episode aired. It’s likely to be in the first episode of Season 3’s third and final half. We’ve long speculated that October 2 will be the premiere date because AMC had already promised a massive fan gathering for the last episode to take place in November.

There have been no more announcements about this event, but we may expect more details to emerge once the premiere date is made public.

There is a lot of ground to cover in terms of the Commonwealth and the storylines of our favourite characters in the most recent episodes. Is everything going to be worked out, or are there going to be a lot of questions? Nobody will be satisfied, especially those who aren’t yet ready for the end.

Another factor influencing the conclusion is the likelihood of the films being made. There may be some comfort in knowing that the plot will continue if the programme leaves things open for the movies. Perhaps SDCC announcements will reveal whether and when the films will come to an end.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 17
The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 17

Hold on to your hats, then. This year’s SDCC is just around the corner, and we’ll finally learn more about the Walking Dead universe!


For our favourite characters and the Commonwealth, there’s a lot to cover in the recent episodes. How clear is the picture, and how many unanswered questions can we expect? Those who aren’t yet ready for the end will not be satisfied.

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