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Top 10 similar Websites Like [Updates 2022]

Type Rush

Type Rush

Players can show off their typing prowess in this free online typing game called Type It is possible to participate in a boat race and a street race in this game. During the race, the rate of your car is directly proportional to how fast you can type. For your vehicle to speed up and pass the finish line, you need to type quickly in the paragraphs.

Before you begin the game, you can select the cars you want to use. Additionally, the user can modify, swap out new wheels and paint their vehicle. The player also receives money and points for completing the race successfully.


Type Alternatives


To improve your keyboarding skills, you can play for free. The objective of this game is to compete in a race and make as much progress as possible using the player’s car. Typing speed is strongly linked to vehicle speed, therefore the player must be lightning-fast if they want to win. Your friends, families, and other internet gamers can join you in playing this game. You must… to play this game.

2. TypeRacer

A professional racing and HTTP typing video game for typists, TypeRacer is called TypeRacer. Playing this game will help players become faster and more accurate typists. This game allows you to compete against gamers from all over the world in a race to see who can type the fastest. The user can race a little automobile against other players throughout the game. Short paragraphs of between 20 and 100 words can help you advance your automobiles in a race. The typing…

3. FreeTypingGame. Net

Typing can be learned with the help of, an online typing teacher and game. Typing courses and games may be found on this site, making it simple for anyone to pick up the skill. That program teaches its users new keys every day and tests their knowledge of prior keys before introducing new keys. Additionally, after completing each class, users can print a certificate of completion from this website. It begins at the bottom of the keyboard and makes it’s way up…

4. The Typing of the Dead: Overkill

modern dream’s The Talking of the Grave: Overkill is an action, role-playing videogame that costs money to play. This game takes place in a world populated by vicious and violent zombies. It is the player’s job to type in the sentence that flashes on each zombie’s head before shooting them. There are numerous quests to complete in this game, each with its own set of difficulties. Experience points are awarded to players who complete the missions. Using…

Top 10 Sites That Are Comparable to as an Alternative in 2022!

5. Prodigy Math Game

SMART Teacher Inc. created the Prodigy Math Game, a no-cost educational video game for individuals. It’s a portal from which students may simply learn math. The player must solve difficult arithmetic questions to advance in this game. In this game, the player can master 1400 math skills to improve his abilities. In this game, the player receives points for each correct response. However, if the player…

6. Typing Maniac

People can check their typing speed by playing Typing Maniac, a paid puzzle, and a word game. The player’s goal in this game is to type as quickly as possible even before planets fall on them. There are numerous stages in this game, each of which contains a different set of words. The player must type the offered words to earn the most points throughout all of these stages. Apart from that, there are awards and points to be earned.

Top 11 Similar Websites Like Latest (Updates 2022)

7. Steno Arcade

From For All to Play comes Steno Arcade: a free puzzle-typing, modeling, and arcade video game. Play as a musician in this game and perform a song as your main goal. Singing a song requires the player to write the lyrics on his computer keyboard. The player must finish the line of words in a set amount of time to advance. There are numerous stages in this game, each with its own unique set of challenges.

8. Epistory: Typing Chronicles

A paid activity, typing, and RPG video game from Fishing Cactus are Typing Chronicles. A writer asks her muse for help writing a book, and that’s the storyline of the game. With each new piece of inspiration, the game’s environment grows richer and more interesting. In an open-world game, the player can roam the globe from a third-person viewpoint and interact with other characters. Then there’s the exploration of the game…

9. Disney Mickey’s Typing Adventure

Disney In Mickey’s Typing Adventure, Individual Software has created a free video game that combines elements of teaching, fun, and strategy. Typelandia is a gorgeous region where the player must compete in a variety of typing competitions. Playable characters can be selected from a variety of options in the game. There are two objectives: input the letters that move your character and get there first. The objective of this game is to…

10. Nitro Type

To improve your keyboarding abilities, try out Nitro Type, a free video game that combines elements of racing, driving, and typing. Before the game begins, each player must choose his or her preferred car from the available options.

The participants must type the text as quickly as possible to ensure victory. Rewards and accuracy boosts are given to players who defeat their opponents in this game. Players can get new vehicles and equipment by using the awards they’ve earned. A lot of variety

Cars can be selected before the game even begins. It is also possible for the user to customize their vehicle by installing new wheels and repainting them. When the race is over, the player is rewarded with cash and points.

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