11 Best Islamic Apps to Download in 2022

Muslim is an application developed by Al Hiwar that aims to help its users gain blessings, Allah’s mercy, and the expiation of their sinful actions by the Islamic code of conduct. As well as Salah and Quran tracking, the Muslim app also includes Daily Dua’s and Reading Athkar.

You can also browse Quran using Sura/Juz, and you can save a current reading to your favorite. Connecting and meeting Famous Imams Available on the internet, asking a question, and reading Duas have particular features.

Ankara, supplications, prayer, and the Quran are all tasks and goals that Muslims help their customers achieve. Duas are organized into different categories, the 99 names of Allah are listed, authentic Hadith books are available, and Islamic writings that encourage good activities are included in the app.


  • Simple Interface
  • Hijri calendar
  • Qiblah direction
  • Meeting with Imam Live
  • Online & Offline recitation
  • E Azan

Muslim Alternatives

1. Quran Majeed

42 million Muslims trust Pakdata’s Quran Majeed Prayer Tracker and App, which offers four English translations and 45 other language readings of something like the Holy Quran to enrich Muslims’ lives throughout the world. Additional features include Hifz with hearing and recording voice, 14+ world-famous 14+ reciters, playback recitation, Quran engagement meter, names of ALLAH with audio, etc. for those who want to learn more about Islam. Ayah can also be repeated, and…

2. Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro, established by Erwan Macé in 2010, is the world’s leading Islamic mobile application, uniting more than 25 million Muslims throughout the world. To fulfill their religious duties on time and in the correct direction, Muslims rely on Muslim Pro: Accurate Prayer Times, Azan (Adhan), and Qibla Direction to track their location and sound an alarm when prayer time arrives. Scripts in Arabic, translations in over 40 languages, various recitations, and tafsirs make it easy to learn the Quran.

3. Ayah

An easy-to-use Quran application supported by the Tafsir Center, Ayah provides a high-quality reading experience in HD without causing eye strain. There are numerous ways to read the Holy Quran, including verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter, quarter-by-quarter, and 25+ reciters to choose from. Translations and Tafsirs can be found on the Ayah Quran App, which is available in a variety of languages.

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4. AlMosaly

It is one of the most renowned Islamic applications produced by Madarsoft that helps users digitally manage their Ibadah and establish a flow of worship time during the Ramadan period and after. In several ways, including Navigation, sun & moon, shadow, visual, and augmented reality, this app reminds you to pray at the correct times based on your location and Qibla location. If you’d like to keep tabs on everything that happens throughout Ramadan, athan, and the Quran, Al Mostly has you covered.

5. Al-Moazin

Salat Tracker by Parkfield Software is an Islamic Salah Tracker App that delivers precise Friday prayers every day with Location enabled time tracker that helps not miss or postpone Salat and remember to talk to Allah in the best possible way. The digital compass feature in Al-Moazin (Prayer Times) also provides precise Qiblah (Mecca) directions when you relocate to a new location. Hijri calendars and Gregorian dates are also included in this software, so you can keep track of annual events like…

6. Al Quran

Developed by 9D Muslim Apps, Al Quran is an Islamic App that allows users to enhance their daily Ibadah habits through a feature-rich platform. There are numerous options for Muslims to memorize the Quran with Al QURAN, including using the Surah And Siparah List, searching for a specific Surah within the index, picking up where you left off in your recitation, using the page option, and listening to the Quran in MP3 Audio format. This software, like many others, uses your current location to give you the current prayer times;…

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7. Salatuk

As a prayer remember and qibla locator, Salatuk was created by Masarat App to help you offer Salat on time by pinpointing your precise location. Users can choose from a variety of gorgeous muezzin voices for their Azan reminders, including “4 Takbeerats” and “Full Athan.” They can also activate Athan notifications even when their phone is in quiet mode. Using Salatuk’s unique algorithm for prayer calculation, consumers can expect a more precise result…

8. Ayat – Al Quran

In Ayat – Al Quran, the King Saud University-developed Comprehensive Quran Application, a scanned (soft) copy of the original printed Mosshaf Abdel, Mosshaf Al-Tajweed, and Mosshaf Warsh are provided. There are 17 languages supported, as well as two languages of translation and seven distinct recitations of the Quran by Qari to help these people memorize it. This software is helpful for the visually impaired. This software allows users to search the Al Quran and look through the Mossad.


9. Prayer Now

Muslims can gain direction, rewards, and calmness of the soul by using Prayer Now, an integrated Islamic software provided by Approcks Dev, Inc. Enables students to learn how to pray using visuals and instructions, how to perform ablution using visual representations, and how to receive notifications about various occasions based on Hadith analysis on this vast platform. An algorithmic computation based on several beliefs (Hanafi, Shiite, Sunni, etc.) determines the precise prayer times for the current day.

10. Athan

As the most popular Islamic app, Athan provides you with accurate times and Qur’an alarms for you to do Salat right away and connect with Allah Almighty. Make your life more prosperous and blessed by reciting the Quran Majeed, which is accessible in 45+ languages, as well as Hadith books, Masnoon Duas/Athkar, and Supplications. Because of the Hijri Calendar, such as Ramadan, the app’s developers regularly update it to keep it relevant to Muslims everywhere…

11. Islam360

Zaid Chihpa’s Islam360 is the most detailed Islamic application that allows users to study Tafseer, recite the Holy Quran, and seek direction in their daily lives.

Bookmarks, playback, notes, recitation (listening and recording), and root and syntax checking of every Ayah are all included in Islam360 – Quran and Qibla & Azan. An expansive system that enables the most comprehensive options for a wide range of users

As an additional option, you may use Sura/Juz to peruse the Quran and even save a particular passage for later reading. Famous Imams can be found here. On the internet, the ability to ask and read Duas has a unique characteristic…

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