12 Games Like Pixie Hollow (2022) Ranked And More Detail!

A fantastic virtual world video game called We the Pixies allows you to design your own fairy and enter the fantasy world of your dreams. You can use any one of the following five elements to make a fairy: Thinker, Light, Water, Garden, and Animal. In addition, you can change the wings, face, and hair. The game also adds a robust customisation feature that lets you outfit your character with high-quality goods.

The choices include bracelets, anklets, sashes, bottoms, tops, shoes, and more. You can engage in a variety of enjoyable activities in We the Pixies. After gathering the necessary goods, you can play mini-games like Breakout and beautify your garden.

You will accumulate more things as you play the game more frequently. We have created a list of games similar to We the Pixies for you to pick from if you’re one of the players looking for them.


  • Mini-games
  • Breakout
  • Multiple Levels
  • Virtual World
  • Create Fairies

We the Pixies Alternatives

1. Bin Weevils

They are especially made to help kids learn new and original things. Leave your kids with the Bin Weevils, where they will encounter an intriguing world full of secrets and fresh information. The game includes several adorable critters called as Weevils, and it allows you to build an avatar that you may control throughout the game. Despite the fact that Bin Weevils was shut down, a fan-made copy called Bin Weevils Rewritten is currently available online. It is…

2. Mundo Gaturro

Due of its comparable gameplay and other features to Club Penguin, Mundo Gaturro was ranked first on our list of the Top Games Like Club Penguin. It places you in a lively setting where you may gather your friends, go to events, and have a good time. Visit the link below for additional information about the establishment. Kids may create characters to communicate with other players while also completing tasks to earn in-game currency in this game that is made specifically for them. The captivating gameplay…

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3. Club Penguin Island

Club Penguin Island was likewise shut down for unidentified reasons, same to how Club Penguin Online was. Disney Canada, Inc., the game’s creator, included both separate and multiplayer elements. Like its sibling game, Club Penguin Island was divided into various zones and separate sections, each of which contained a number of features. Features Customizing Online Chat in a Virtual World Friendly Animals Stunning Gameplay breathtaking images equivalent to Club Penguin Island games.

4. Neopets

Select or alter his character to enter the world of animals. Another Virtual Pet game that enables the player to immerse themselves in the captivating gaming world is Neopets. It allows the player to explore, engage with other online gamers, and take care of his pets after he creates a pet. Complete the various tasks to earn a lot of Neopoints, which the player can use to buy upgrades and unlock more content. Neopets gives…

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5. Toontown Online

Disney Interactive is the company that makes Toontown Online. The game allows the player to construct his character with lovely items and enter the game world. It offers two distinct sides, such as Toons and Robot. Toontown Online provides a variety of activities, including the ability to construct structures, complete puzzles, interact with other online players, make new friends, and play a variety of minigames. The player can enhance his character and acquire new features by completing the specified amount of jobs.

6. Kingdom Island

Play with adorable critters on Kingdom Island. It combines MMO, fantasy, and virtual world elements. Make a space in the virtual world where you can hang out with friends and design it however you like by choosing your virtual avatar. There is a list of games with exact gameplay similarities to MovieStarPlanet if you’re looking for them. Check it out and leave a comment with your opinions (Thanks). Features Customizing Online Chat in Virtual Worlds…

7. Habbo Hotel

A browser-based video game with a teen and preteen audience is called Habbo Hotel. It has a lovely cast of characters and supports multiplayer. The user can create their avatar using a variety of options when they first start the game, and they then set out to construct the hotel rooms while conversing with other players or customers. The player must engage with other players while caring for virtual pets during games. Make a tonne of fun games, and play them…

8. Club Penguin

Disney Interactive Studio created Club Penguin Online to give you a multiplayer gaming experience in the virtual world. As you play a variety of online mini-games, a cute cast of characters awaits to engage in enjoyable activities. Many premium elements, such as accessories and other stunning items, that were absent from the free edition may be made available to you through the subscription plan. Additionally, the game was divided into various unique rooms and regions that were embellished with fascinating extras.

9. Fantage

Fantage transports you to a beautiful virtual setting where you can get lost in a variety of online games. It enables them to explore the entire game world, communicate with other online gamers, meet new people, and have fun playing the game together. Three different currencies—Gold, eCoins, and Stars—are available in the game’s economic system. To advance in the game, the player must finish a variety of objectives. It provides excellent…

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10. Feral Heart

A king of the jungle can be assumed by the player in Feral Heart. The player can design his character at the start of the game and enter the gaming world, where he can walk around freely, discover new places, connect with other online players, and have fun playing together. Feral Heart features a clear narrative, captivating gameplay, wonderful game world, and Ultra-HD graphics. Please give it a try; you’ll like it.

We the Pixies

11. Monkey Quest

One of the greatest MMORPG games for kids is Monkey Quest, which lets the user build a virtual monkey avatar and explore the gorgeous game environment, make new friends, and complete various tasks with them. The game offers a variety of objectives to do, and the player is able to do so in order to advance. After making progress, the user can access more content to enhance their enjoyment of the game. It is one of the greatest options to…

12. Animal Jam

The National Geographic Society has created the fantasy-based MMO and virtual world game Animal Jam. This educational game was created with kids and teenagers in mind. The game is situated in the lovely world of Jamaa, and it lets players explore the numerous ecological settings.

Each setting offers unique and helpful features like towns, social interactions, virtual shops, etc. Additionally, it features a character creation tool that lets the player make his own character. …

The options include bottoms, tops, shoes, sashes, anklets, bracelets, and more. We the Pixies offers a wide range of entertaining activities. You can play Breakout-style minigames after obtaining the right items, and you can also spruce up your garden…

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