Brad Pitt Sick: What Happened To Him? And Most Updates!

n a recent interview with GQ, Pitt revealed his struggle with meeting new people and failing to immediately recognize them

Brad Pitt Sick

The actor has recently spoken publicly about his struggles with mental health and depression and his decision to give up smoking.

What Is Prosopagnosia?

According to the National Health Service, those with this disease often lose the ability to recognize even close friends and relatives (NHS).

What Are The Effects Of Prosopagnosia?

The individual with the rare disease withdraws from society, developing social anxiety disorders and eventually clinical depression

How Many Types Of Prosopagnosia?

The individual suffers from developmental prosopagnosia, a rare disorder that does not result from brain damage

What Is The Treatment, And How It Can Be Cured?

who have developed acquired face blindness can use contextual cues to identify familiar faces. Like a person’s voice, hairstyle, etc.

Brad Pitt Net Worth

Brad Pitt has earned a $300 million fortune as a successful film actor and producer

Brad Pitt Personal Life

Earlier, we mentioned that Brad was previously married to Jennifer Aniston. They wed in 2000 and officially split up in 2005