Brenda James Early Life, Net Worth, Career & More Updates!

Atlantis (2005- 2008). James has had a successful acting career over 20 years, with 45 roles.

Brenda James

She has acted in several films and TV shows, including Safe House, The Barber, The Incredible Mrs. Ritchi, and Slither, as well as in Sunset Beach, 2gether: The Series, and Cold Squad.

What are Brenda James Real Name

Born Brenda Lynn Klemme in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Her actual age is unknown, but she is likely in her 50s

Brenda James Career

First seen in Cutting Class in 1989, she went on to star in many notable features throughout the ’90s

Brenda James Early Life

On September 27, 1979, in the Canadian city of Edmonton, in the province of Alberta, Brenda James entered the world

Brenda James Current Activities

Brenda does not disclose her whereabouts on social media like Instagram or Twitter, so there is no up-to-date information on her working status.

Who is Brenda James Married To?

Brenda James, formerly known as Brenda Lynn Klemme, has been married to Umberto Liberatore for over fifteen years.

Brenda James Net Worth

There is no credible evidence to support her reported $1.5 million salary, despite numerous online sources to the contrary