Is Jane Pauley Sick: Early Life, Awards, And Most Details!

Most of the 7 million Americans who suffer from bipolar disorder are identified before 24.

Is Jane Pauley Sick

On the other hand, Jane Pauley did very fine until she was 50. I didn’t have the bipolar disorder until I was 49.

What is Jane Pauley’s Net Worth and Salary?

Television broadcaster and published author Jane Pauley has an estimated $40 million in wealth

Since 1972, Jane Pauley has worked as a journalist. She first came to prominence as Barbara Walters’ replacement on “Today” on NBC and later served as co-anchor of “Dateline NBC” from 1992 until 2003.

Jane Pauley Early Life

Margaret Jane Pauley gave birth to Jane Pauley on Halloween in 1950 in Indianapolis, Indiana, to parents Mary and Richard

Jane Pauley Personal Life

Pauley married “Doonesbury” creator Garry Trudeau in 1980, and the couple now has three grown children and two grandchildre

Jane Pauley Awards and Honor

The Edward R. Murrow Award for Outstanding Achievement and the first-ever international Matrix Award

Jane Pauley Career Beginning

After three years at WISH-TV in Indianapolis, Pauley joined NBC Chicago affiliate WMAQ-TV as co-anchor alongside Floyd Kalber.