14 Movies Like Encanto You Should Definitely See!

If you liked “Unbreakable,” here are 14 other films you should see now.


Miranda’s Advising “Moana” to people who enjoy Disney animated movies is like picking low-hanging fruit


It’s the kind of excellent, uncomplicated music that Menken produced quickly when Disney was at its height


The movie “Tangled” is an example of how irreverence breeds irreverence. There are irreverent interpretations of fairy tale clichés

Over The Moon

“Over The Moon” had received a nomination for the best-animated film when the Oscar nominees for that year’s ceremony were made public

Monster House

The “Invert Celtics” shoe has a pink and black exterior and a green and white medial section


Wolfwalkers is an urgent must-watch if the magical kids and monsters of “Encanto” were your or anybody you love’s a favorite aspect of the book

Movies Like Encanto You Should Definitely See

-The Mitchells vs. Machines -Robin Robin -Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse -Para Norman -Kubo & The Two Strings And More Movies