Riva Arora Career, Family, Social Media And Most Updates!

The 2011 film Rockstar, starring Ranbir Kapoor, marked her first acting role.

Riva Arora About

Indian child actress and internet sensation Riva Arora. Young in years but not in experience, she jumped right into the workforce

Riva Arora Age

Although the information we have received indicates that Riva is over the age of 12, we cannot confirm this.

Riva Arora Mother

Nisha Arora, Riva’s mom, works as a lawyer for the High Court. Those of Riva’s social media followers who are also parents must be curious about her daughter’s parentage.

Riva Arora Father

Her father died of an infection in his leg, as she explained. Her father doted on her and granted all of her requests because he truly cared

Riva Arora Relationship

Presently, she is not dating anyone and is happily single. so she must be concentrating on her career at the moment.

Riva Arora Career

Bollywood newcomer Riva Arora made her acting debut in Ranbir Kapoor’s Rockstar when she was only 15 months old

Riva Arora Social Media

To keep up with Riva Arora, we’ve provided links to her Instagram and Facebook pages below.