RM Sister Kim Kyung Min, Fans, Relationship And More Details!

Kim Kyung Min, formerly known as Kim Geong Min, is the youngest of her family and is universally adored

RM Sister About

Kim Geong Min, the younger sister of the well-known RM, was born to her parents on June 13th, 1997, in the Ilsan-gu district of Seou

What Is the Relationship Like Between RM and His Sister

Kim Nam-Joon, better known as RM of BTS, comes from a very supportive family that has encouraged him to follow

RM Sister Early Life

In terms of his ancestry, Kim is white, and he is a South Korean citizen Kim came from a wonderful family. The care and attention of her parents were unending

About BTS’ RM Sister

After learning that their idol has a sibling, BTS fans quickly learned to recognize RM’s younger sister

RM’s Sister Joining BTS

Some BTS fans also had mixed reactions to the news of RM’s sister joining the group.

RM Sister Fans

They love the sibling dynamic even more because she is also an ARMY member. So that’s Kim Kyung-min, RM’s sister in BTS, in a nutshell.

Kim Kyung-birthdate min’s of June 13th, 1997 has been confirmed by multiple sources. The rest of the family, including RM, reportedly adores her because she is the youngest child.