Savannah Brown Biography, Professional life, Career And Most Details!

Model and YouTuber Savannah Brown were born in the United States but now makes her home in London

Savannah Brown

When Savannah Brown posted her slam poem, “What Guys Look For In Girls,” to YouTube, it quickly gained a large online audience

Savannah Brown Biography

Twenty-five-year-old Savannah Brown is a woman. On July 21st, 1996, she entered the world in Ohio, USA, under the Cancer zodiac sign

Savannah Brown Net Worth 2022

she will be worth anywhere from $1 million to $5 million. So far, her YouTube videos have earned her about $17,000.

Savannah Brown Professional life

A YouTube video titled “What Guys Look For In Girls – A Slam Poem” catapulted her to fame

Savannah Brown Dating

Savannah is currently dating a man named Bertie, who she plans to marry. He’s a famous actor with lots of fans

Savannah Brown Social Media

She posts under the handle @savbrown on Instagram and has nearly 171,000 followers

hey must really enjoy doing each other’s work because they’ve been together since 1025. They don’t seem to be breaking up anytime soon