Tami Roman Sick: Suffered A Mild Heart Attack & More!

She is too skinny, as several commenters have noted, raising suspicions that she may be ill

Tami Roman Sick

The new VHI program Caught In The Act: UNFAITHFUL, slated to debut in mid-July 2022, will feature Tami Roman as the hos

Tami Roman Suffered A Mild Heart Attack In March 2012

Tami Roman’s health became a concern after a mild heart attack in March 2012

Roman Lost Weight In 2014 After A Diabetes Type 2 Diagnosis

When Tami’s daughter discovered Roman unconscious in her Houston home, she dialed 911

Tami Has Suffered From Body Dysmorphia Since A Traumatic Experience In Her Early Teens

Tami Roman appeared on The Real in November 2021 and spoke about her lifelong

When Tami was a driven 13-year-old trying to launch a modeling career in New York City, she met a representative who ruthlessly dissected her 5’9″ frame and weight under 120 pounds.

You must use your chin in some way. Your breasts have lost shape. After that, every time I looked in the mirror to examine myself, I could always find something wrong with myself

She made an effort to maintain her thin appearance because she thought that a small frame was essential for success as a model