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Welcome To Plathville Season 4: Everything We Know So Far!

Welcome to Plathville Season 4

Welcome to Plathville Season 4

TLC has made it official:

The cable network will soon be welcoming newcomers back.

Following the recent announcement that Olivia, Ethan, and the rest of the gang would be returning for Season 4 very soon, the Welcome to Plathville mat will be put out in anticipation of the new season.
When Olivia and Ethan were contemplating divorce, the show’s creators stated that we’ll soon learn more about their extended family.

Tuesday, May 17 at 10/9c, Welcome to Plathville Season 4 premieres after Little People, Big World Season 23.

Welcome to Plathville Season 4

Is there anything in store for supporters when this date finally arrives?
According to the TLC news release, “Kim and Barry raised their nine children on an idyllic and isolated farm in southern Georgia… but life suddenly looks a whole lot different for the family.”

As the story continues, “Ethan and Olivia and Moriah are in Tampa, distant from the family strife, but making it on their own in a new city is not all fun and games.”

Olivia’s desire to set up shop in a different area of the country nearly scuppered Ethan and Olivia’s romance last year, but Ethan eventually came around.

How perilous were things?

“I think until he knows what he wants, I can’t have a relationship with him,” Olivia stated at one point when she and Ethan parted ways.

Everything’s harder and harder for me to reconcile the fact that he wants to retain everything here, the more I distance me from everything here and the more I know that he wants to maintain it…

A disagreement arose between Olivia and her husband over how much she was requesting of him in terms of alterations.

However, Olivia and Ethan were reunited at the end of Season 3.

“Whether it’s making new memories or visiting new places, there are endless possibilities. I’d be a fool to turn it down if I were you “After a brief separation, he told his wife this.

Is he trying to make a point?

It wasn’t until later that Ethan stated his intentions.

“What’s your plan for tonight? Want a place to stay?” After their trip to Pound Town, Ethan inquired of Olivia:

“It just seemed perfect tonight in the motel. We had the impression that we were getting close.”

TLC teased the upcoming fourth season of

Welcome to Plathville in a press release that ended with the following spoilers:

In Los Angeles, Micah is expanding his horizons and making new acquaintances.

Five of Kim and Barry’s nine children are still living at home, but times have changed.

As Kim begins to reevaluate her life and the people around her, some unexpected alliances and friendships form.

Despite the Plaths’ adventures in new locales and new relationships, the recent past has never looked so far away.

This season has 12 new episodes.

Yes, I’m glad to be here.

In the case of Moriah Plath, who has appeared on a TLC reality show by the same name for years, fans are now left to ponder:

Is she now a single person?

With the release of “Missed Me,” the 19-year-debut old’s single, she seems to be hinting at the end of her relationship with longtime lover Max Kallschmidt.

Just have a look at these lines:

I let you get the best of me like a pair of thick chains/

Then then, that doesn’t mean/You can control what I’ll become.

I lock myself in my room and try to block out your presence from my thoughts. Then I fall asleep. The new therapist I found and the progress I’ve made in my life are all reasons to celebrate.

Please know that I’m not sorry for what I’ve done to you If my pride is to blame, I’m not sure what else to blame it on. My apologies if this is the case. I’ve been missing my old self a lot recently. We all have the right to live our lives as we see fit…

This is my turn/I’m creating my story now.

When Plath uploaded pictures of herself celebrating Christmas without Kallschmidt last year, rumors began to circulate that the two were breaking up.

On Plath’s Instagram, the last time the two were pictured together was in October.

Plath hasn’t said anything about the song’s inspiration.

“You don’t have to be anyone for anyone else; be you and if that’s not good enough for them that’s their loss,” she wrote on Instagram last month.

“If you changed for them, it would be at your expense. The person they sculpted to meet their ideal will be rejected if they didn’t accept you for who you were. There’s a reason you’re the way you are! You are here for a reason!

“The people that are intended to be in your life will accept you just as you are.

It’s important to remember that you’re wonderful the way you are.
On his Instagram Story on Saturday, Kallschmidt praised Plath’s musical debut, writing:

“You should see it for yourself!” Salutations, @Moriah! Jasper.”

Having been one of Kim and Barry Plath’s nine children, the singer rose to stardom as one of their more outspoken members.

Moriah’s younger siblings, on the other hand, continue to follow their parents’ stringent guidelines in terms of their lifestyle and personal lives.

Now that Moriah is no longer a member of our household, she is free to pursue her interests.

“Kim said in a confessional during an episode of Welcome to Plathville in August 2021, “We both really adore Max and they seem to be good for each other, so we’re pleased for them.”
They always seem to be hugging and kissing each other when I see Max and Moriah together. They like each other.

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