‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 9 Episode 8 Recap

Season 9 of When Calls the Heart continues with more revelry in the latest episode. In the Hallmark Channel episode airing on April 24, Mei Sou is incarcerated and thus misses out on most of the festivities surrounding Hope Valley Days.

Mei Sou Reveals the Truth About Her Relationship With Geoffrey in ‘when Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 8

Hope Valley still has Geoffrey Lewis (Chris Cope), who claims to be Mei Sou’s (Amanda Wong) husband. While Geoffrey (Kevin McGarry) has supplied an official-looking marriage license, Nathan (Kevin McGarry) isn’t sure what to make of her assertions that she isn’t truly married.

Finally, Mei tells Nathan the whole truth when he confronts her. Geoffrey hired her as an apprentice while she was in college, and she later worked in his pharmacy. As it turned out, Geoffrey was nothing more than an unrepentant scumbag who sought more than friendship. Even though Mei rebuffed his advances, he continued to tell people they were married despite her refusal. Hope Valley was her last refuge from him, but he tracked her down. Even though he accepts her story as truth, Nathan is still skeptical. Geoffrey has to be proven to be a liar.

Hickam Isn’t Ready to Forgive Lee

Lee (Kavan Smith) has come to understand the importance of the written word, but he also recognizes its dangers. He enjoyed expressing his unfiltered views in editorials for the Valley Voice, but now he has to deal with the fallout. Hickam (Ben Rosenbaum), Hope Valley’s new mayor, has had his reputation tarnished by the criticism he’s received. Lee tries to mend fences with Hickam, but the latter isn’t so eager to forget what happened. In retrospect, even Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) confesses that she misjudged the paper’s influence.

Nathan Arrests Mei Sou

when calls the heart season 9
when calls the heart season 9

Geoffrey will not give up on his efforts to get Mei back to Chicago with him. As he orders his coffee, he strolls into Nathan’s office and asks that the Mounties arrest Mei. However, Geoffrey is threatening to cause trouble if Nathan does not comply. Nathan is hesitant to lock Mei up.

Mei and Nathan will have more time to bond while she is in jail, which is a blessing in disguise. Upon hearing the news that he’s writing her an apology telegram to Chicago, she leans in to thank him. Nathan seemed to be a little unhappy when things don’t work out that way.

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Later in the episode, Nathan discovers evidence that Geoffrey is married, but not to Mei. He receives a big hug as a result. He left his true wife behind in Illinois and started a new life with someone else. When confronted with reality, Geoffrey makes a hasty exit, hoping it’s for the better.

Bill Has a Surprise For Hope Valley

when calls the heart season 9
when calls the heart season 9

Andre’s been pressing Bill (Jack Wagner) to get a chest X-ray in Union City, but she’s getting no response. However, his condition is deteriorating. The blood on his handkerchief is a foregone conclusion as soon as he takes it out during a coughing episode. Bill has returned to the doctor after that episode, but he continues to downplay his problems. It doesn’t help that he’s nursing a shattered rib from their previous altercation with Geoffrey.)

It is Faith who gives him the medicine and tells him to take it as needed. Bill, on the other hand, overdoses on the meds and becomes a soaring kite. Amusing to watch him in the other jail cell commiserating with Mei about his ex-death. wife’s However, we can only hope that his health issues aren’t too severe.

Despite all that’s going on, Bill still manages to pull off a unique Hope Valley Days celebration. His plan for an April Fool’s joke turned out to be a legitimate Christmas tree being put up in the middle of town, rather than an April Fool’s prank. It’s sure to be a hit in Hope Valley, and it’s sure to bring a smile to the faces of fans who have been missing the annual Christmas episodes of When Calls the Heart in recent years.


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What Else Happened in This Episode of ‘when Calls the Heart’ Season 9

Elsewhere in this episode of When Calls the Heart:

  • Lucas (Chris McNally) takes over Elizabeth’s (Erin Krakow) class for the day and discovers he has a gift for teaching.
  • Allie is ready for Nathan to settle down. She wants a little brother or sister, he tells Elizabeth and Lucas. That’s followed by a nice moment where Nathan says he realized love “can’t be forced, only freely given.”
  • Elizabeth helps a woman who runs a rural school.
  • Ned shares more lessons about Hanukkah, which he says “is about hope and miracles.”
  • Lee truly deserves the husband of the year award for letting Rosemary dress him up as Romeo, complete with unfortunate bangs.

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