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Thank you for visiting https://readersgazette.com and visiting the Write for Us page. Please send your story suggestions to lighthousejournal.org. If so, you’ve come to the right spot since we accept contributions from our prestigious readership.

How Do You Become a Contributor to readersgazette.com ?

If you wish to start writing articles to readersgazette.com on a regular basis, here are some rules to follow.Explore the About page and other areas of the blog to get a sense of the content we provide. Try to think of some fascinating topics to write about. The good quality of the information itself is a significant criterion. The information you generate should be of excellent quality and free of plagiarism.

Articles in the following categories are welcome:

  • Bollywood
  • Hollywood\Humour
  • Celebrities
  • TV News Programs
  • Education\Sports\Travel\Health\Lifestyle
  • Technology Events in Digital Marketing
  • Before submitting your guest article, keep the following in mind:

Article Content: This should be at least 700 words long and include detailed treatment of the topic matter. We place a high value on content quality when selecting whether or not to publish a guest piece. If you want your article to get published, you should try to be unique. No rewriter software should be used. We respect originality, so if your idea is based on someone else’s work, please give them credit. The photos that accompany your post should satisfy the same standards. Videos, infographics, pictures, and GIFs may all be embedded in posts. Photos, charts, and animations are excellent attention grabbers. We appreciate genuine submissions, but not spammy ones with lots of backlinks. There may only be one DoFollow link on your blog or website.
In terms of copyright, all contributions are handled with the highest care and respect. Your contribution will be removed if we discover any evidence of plagiarism. If you post similar material elsewhere after submitting it to us, your work on lighthousejournal.org Blog will be withdrawn and you will be permanently banned.

How to Write a Guest Post for readersgazette.com

To submit your guest article, please contact readersgazette.com@gmail.com with the following attachments: Article (in Word format), featured picture (if any), and any additional images related to the theme of the article.

If your article is approved for publication, you will be notified by email within 24 hours of submission. If you have any more questions regarding our rates or current deals, please contact us at readersgazette.com@gmail.com.

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