Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 – What We Know So Far!

Fans of the anime “Yona of the Dawn” (“Akatsuki no Yona”), based on the Mizuho Kusanagi manga, have been wondering for several years if the one-season series will be renewed. There haven’t been any new episodes of the show since it ran for 24 episodes in 2014-2015, including three original video animation specials (OVAs) in 2016.
To appeal to female audiences, the plot revolves around the red-haired princess of the kingdom of Kouka, daughter of King II, a pagan peacenik.
Not knowing that her country is going to be overrun by a violent political coup perpetrated by Su-Won, the son of her father’s brother (who does not share her feelings), she is forced to marry her longtime crush.
Thus, she flees with Son Hak, discovering the unpalatable truths about the kingdom she thought was flourishing on their journey to the wilds. To reclaim her father’s realm, she sets out to find the famous Four Dragon Warriors, a group of warriors who are said to be able to defeat even the most powerful of dragons.

Is there a release date for Yona of the Dawn season 2?

“Yona of the Dawn” will not have a second season, as far as we know. There have been many year-long hiatuses in the anime industry before, but Studio Pierrot has waited an unusually long time to declare any change in the status of the show.

The Kumamoto earthquakes of 2016 reportedly scuppered Kusanagi’s efforts for a while, according to a tweet she made, but that was five years ago, and things have moved on. Anime Next Season, a fan site, says the series is overdue to poor merchandise sales and a lack of promotion on the program’s social media platforms, even though the 34 volumes of the manga currently in print have enough source material and the show has decent ratings.

The more time the anime is without a renewal, the less likely it is to be revived in the future. Fans should give up hope if a renewal isn’t come by 2021 or 2022, according to TV Season & Spoilers, who made the statement over a year ago. Moreover, even in the improbable event that renewal is announced this week, the show will not return for at least a year. Unfortunately, time is running out.

What is the plot of Yona of the Dawn season 2?

Season 2 of “Yona of the Dawn” is expected to continue the manga’s storyline. Eight volumes of the manga were featured in the season’s opening episode; Volume 18 was featured in an OVA. In further chapters of the book beginning with Volume 9, Yona and the dragons will prepare for combat against Su-Won and his friends in the second season, which will save the kingdom.

Although it’s not going to be easy to do, Yona and her pals have to cope with taxes, bandits, a Fire Festival, and other mishaps as Su-Won is preparing for war in the meantime.

If the anime is faithful to the manga, viewers will see Yona, Su-Won, and Hak’s early adventures, which helped mold who they are today, as well as the White Dragon, Kija.

Who is in the cast of Yona of the Dawn season 2?

“Yona of the Dawn” season one is available on Hulu both dubbed (American actors’ voice dubbing) and subbed (subtitled). The series’ English dub features veteran voice actress Monica Rial as Yona, the show’s titular character. Son Hak is played by Christopher R. Sabat, while Clifford Chapin, Micah Solusod, and Ian Sinclair portray Yun, Su-Won, and Gija, respectively.

It’s hard to predict what will happen with the voice cast after such a long break between seasons, but no big alterations are predicted. If this is the case, the actor will likely be swapped out with another readily available voiceover artist. However, it’s still too early to tell if there will be any casting complications if this show is brought back. Hopefully, we’ll find out soon enough

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