Top 10 Similar Websites Like And Latest [Updates 2022]

Downloading videos from YouTube is made simple using, a free video downloader, and converter. Using this site, YouTube videos can be converted to MP3 and MP4. The videos can be downloaded and converted at a rate of 1 GB/s using this service. It is available to download videos in the resolution and format of your choice from this website.

This service makes it simple to download videos by allowing you to paste the URL of the video into the search box. Users must choose a format and click the download button after pasting the URL. There is no difference in quality between the videos downloaded and converted from this site and those from YouTube. Tablets, smartphones, and PCs are all supported by this site.


  • Download videos from youtube
  • Convert videos
  • Supports 1 GB/s speed
  • Download videos in various formats
  • Available on all devices Alternatives

1. Loader. to

YouTube video downloader Loader. is a free online service and movie downloader website that allows users to download YouTube videos. In addition to downloading YouTube videos, you can also convert them into audio files with the help of this website. Downloads from TikTok, Facebook, IMDB, and Twitter can be made in addition to YouTube videos using the site’s downloader. A wide range of video formats is available to viewers on this site. These include: 144p, 240p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K, and 8K. To…


People can download YouTube videos using, a free downloader, and converter. Besides getting videos from YouTube and converting them into audio, the site also allows users to do so. Downloading videos in any other format isn’t possible with this service. You only need to enter the video URL into the search bar to begin the download process. To begin, type the URL into the search bar.

Top 10 Similar Websites Like [Updated 2022]


With, you may download a variety of YouTube videos for free and convert them to other formats. People can download and convert videos to MP3 using this website. You can choose from a variety of audio bit rates, including rate relatively low, 64kbps, 192kbps, and 256kbps, on this site. Because of the site’s quick download speed, viewers can get their preferred videos within minutes of visiting the page. In addition, you can utilize this site to directly search for videos on YouTube.


Open Media LLC created, a free download manager and video downloader. This service is meant to help you download videos, subtitles, channels, and playlists from prominent social media networks. Dailymotion, YouTube, Facebook, Metacafe, Vimeo, and Flickr are just a few social media sites where you can download videos. MKV, MP4, MP3, M4A, and OGG Theora are all supported as downloads on this site. Users can also extract audio from numerous videos on this site. It’s possible to do more than only extract audio using…

7 Session Box Alternatives And Similar Software [Updates 2022]


You may download videos from YouTube using, a free online video downloader. Viewers can use this site as a playlist to watch online videos. In addition to watching and downloading videos, users can also use this service to turn Vids into audio files for their personal use. Entering the URL of the video you want to watch or download into a search field is all that is required to access the content on the site. Additionally, this site is a member of the following organizations:


To download 8K videos from, users must first sign up for an account. There are no restrictions on downloading videos from this site, therefore users can download many videos at once. The site offers a rapid download option for several videos. Video files in FLV, MP4 and the MKV formats are all supported on this site. For audio, as well as video, the site supports a variety of codecs and formats. All of them…

Top 10 similar Websites Like [Updates 2022]

7. Playlist-out. be

 Downloading YouTube playlists has never been easier thanks to this site. People can download their favorite YouTube playlists as mp3 files with this site. There is no limit to the number of playlists you can download from the site. This site’s MP3 conversions all have a bitrate of 128kBit/s. There is no need to worry about your personal information is at risk on our site because…


You can use to save videos from YouTube to your computer for free. People can download the entire YouTube playlist using this site. Users can convert videos to mp4 format and download them from the site. It’s possible to download YouTube videos as well as those from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using this service. The only thing users have to do to save a video from this website is copy the…

Yt5s Com


For downloading videos, is a free online player and editor tool. YouTube, Tumblr, and Dailymotion videos can be downloaded from this site. If you want to download a video of any size in any format, this service has no restrictions. For downloading a video, viewers must paste the URL of the video into the search bar, just like on other comparable sites. To top it all off, the site lets you transcode the films…


It is possible to download videos from YouTube utilizing, a video converter and installer for the site. Not only can you download videos, but you can also convert them to mp3 and mp4 using this service. To download a video from this website, paste the URL into the search box provided. Selecting a format for downloading or converting the video to audio or video is necessary before you can do so.

This service makes it simple to download videos by allowing you to paste the URL of the video into the search box. Users must choose a format and click the download button after pasting the URL…

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